Light Verse

Cliché Nerd

I am a cliché nerd.
I cliché all day long.
Sometimes I’m word-perfect.
Sometimes I get them wrong.
I rabbit on like a rabbit.
No cat ever got my tongue.

I never had it easy,
I never had it made
but when life gave me lemons,
I made the lemonade.

I am fit as a fiddle,
a diamond in the rough,
but not afraid of quitting
when I have had enough.

I end when I have finished
and start when I begin,
and you may interrupt me
but you will never win

the battle of the cliché,
the very thought’s absurd,
for you’re a true original
while I’m a cliché nerd.

Once I said something serious.
It came straight from the heart.
I said it without thinking.
I said it without art.

But that was when you stopped me,
completing what I said.
You made it sound ridiculous.
You turned it on its head.

           April 2019