The Truth

The words “The Truth” can be used as a signpost to point to “what is“, to everything that is, that exists, now, from moment to moment. The Truth, in this sense, is the whole universe. This meaning of the truth has little connection with individual people’s points of view, with perspectives or opinions or beliefs. These exist of course, but “the truth” isn’t referring to these. … Continue reading The Truth

The Cliché

What is a cliché? A phrase, a sentence, much used, over-used perhaps. Usually there’s an implied judgement or an obvious explicit note of criticism or condemnation in “That’s a bit of a cliché.” Is there necessarily something wrong with a cliché. Some clichés enter the cliché-canon because they are good—concise, punchy and memorable. It’s not the cliché’s fault it’s a cliché. Can a single word be … Continue reading The Cliché