The Cliché

What is a cliché? A phrase, a sentence, much used, over-used perhaps. Usually there’s an implied judgement or an obvious explicit note of criticism or condemnation in “That’s a bit of a cliché.” Is there necessarily something wrong with a cliché. Some clichés enter the cliché-canon because they are good—concise, punchy and memorable. It’s not the cliché’s fault it’s a cliché. Can a single word be … Continue reading The Cliché


Good Friday, 19th April 2019 I’ve just counted my café loyalty cards (including café-restaurants). There are 15. What sort of loyalty is that? If I was loyal to a café I’d only have a card for that café, right? You might say I was being pedantic. I’d say I was simply getting the word loyal wrong. Loyalty to a cafe means you keep going back … Continue reading Loyalty